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Bamboo wind chimes make a sound that helps one relax, and is a perfect way to help you fall asleep.  The gentle rustling sound provides calmness and creates a peaceful, positive effect on the mind and mood.  It is widely believed that a relaxing environment helps one achieve a relaxed inner self. 

Check out my mini-music video  of this wind chime on Youtube

I made this one with wood and glass beads – it is 7″x36″ and available for $39.00 + 8.00 S & H


Feng Shui is the Chinese belief in maintaining a balance and harmony between nature and ones surroundings.  In Feng Shui – it is believed that bamboo wind chimes can enhances this balance by the calming tones produced as the wind passes through the chimes.

Check out my mini-music video on Youtube:

I made this one with glass and wood beads, it is 7″x34″ and available for $39.00 + 8.00 S & H